Unholy Grave ‎– Grind Killers (LP)

R$ 70,00
R$ 70,00

Unholy Grave ‎– Grind Killers (LP)


Agipunk - 2011

Press em vinil vermelho, lacrado.

Limitada a 100 cópias.


A1 Prologue

A2 Confession

A3 Buried Terror

A4 Pay The Price?

A5 Media's Story

A6 Death By Terror

A7 Free From Fear

A8 Murderer

A9 We Are Human

A10 Motorcharged

A11 Morbid Dark Angels

B1 Little Bastards

B2 Blind Barrier

B3 Missing Children

B4 Justice?

B5 No Racial Superiority

B6 Maniacal Discharge

B7 Deadly Error

B8 Terror After Terror

B9 Freedom To Eat

B10 Grindfaith

B11 Epilogue