Spazz ‎– Crush Kill Destroy (LP)

R$ 90,00
R$ 90,00
R$ 90,00

Spazz ‎– Crush Kill Destroy (LP)

Slap A Ham Records, US - 1999

Press 625 Thrashcore, US - 2012


A1 Zodiak

A2 Snowcone Ribplate

A3 Cool Guy

A4 Dwarf Goober Militia

A5 Let's Fucking Go!!!

A6 Complete And Utter Eradication Of All Generic Pop Punk (Extended Version)

A7 Sword Of The Lord

A8 A Legend In Your Own Mind

A9 Street Jam To The Second Power

A10 Hort

A11 Black N Dekker Crusty Wrecker

A12 Bobby Dee In The Hour Of Chaos

A13 Gary Monardo's Record Vault Shirt

B1 Not Even Phased

B2 Campaign For Emo Destruction

B3 Hardcore Before Mark McCoy Was Emo Semen

B4 Sluta


B6 Hoarder

B7 Now 50% More Pants Shitting

B8 Let The Beating Commence

B9 Chris Pooped At The Skatepark

B10 Jeb For Ruler Of The (Formerly) Free World

B11 Staayyyle

B12 Crush Kill Destroy