Nirvana ‎– The Demotapes & More Vol 1 (LP)

R$ 80,00
R$ 80,00
R$ 80,00

Rebirth of TAKRL, US - 2016.


Recorded Reciprocal Recording, Seattle On 23/01 And 24/12/1988.


A1 If You Must

A2 Downer

A3 Floyd The Barber

A4 Paper Cuts

A5 Spank Thru

A6 Beeswax

A7 Pen Cap Chew

A8 Beeswax (Take 2)

B1 Aero Zeppelin

B2 Mexican Seafood

B3 Pen Cap Chew (Take 2)

B4 Mr. Moustache

B5 Blandest

B6 Downer (Take 2)

B7 Floyd The Barber (Take 2)