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R$ 25,00
R$ 25,00

Necrose ‎– Acrostichon To The Rack (EP)

Rotthenness Records, Brazil - 1994


A1 Intro

A2 Vital Pollution

A3 Mass Madness

A4 Misery

A5 Drug The World

A6 Systhematized

A7 Corruption Behind Our Laws

A8 Stupid Consumist

A9 Thank You, God

A10 Warmasters

A11 Coke Bull-Shit

A12 Tragic Romance

A13 Disgrace To Humanity

A14 Inside Crisis

A15 Septic Anarchy

A16 Rebel Fashion Boys

A17 Gory Exhibition

B1 Dead By Dissection

B2 Welcome To The Nuclear Age

B3 Police My Fear

B4 D.O.M.O.B.

B5 Christian Proliferation

B6 Extreme Sound Irritation

B7 Artificial Life

B8 Terrorism

B9 Cannibalistic Society

B10 In This World (There's No Place To More Lies)

B11 Your Success

B12 Oppression & Frustration

B13 Alcohol Alienation

B14 Under Pression

B15 Subdivisions

B16 A Black Future

B17 Enemy Mine

B18 Anti-Christmas

B19 Inferiority Complex

B20 Blueshit