Napalm Death - Scum (LP)

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Napalm Death - Scum (LP)

Earache, UK - 1987

Repress oficial Earache, -UK, Europe & US, 2017

Disco lacrado.


A1 Multinational Corporations

A2 Instinct Of Survival

A3 The Kill

A4 Scum

A5 Caught....In A Dream

A6 Polluted Minds

A7 Sacrificed

A8 Siege Of Power

A9 Control

A10 Born On Your Knees

A11 Human Garbage

A12 You Suffer

B1 Life?

B2 Prison Without Walls

B3 Point Of No Return

B4 Negative Approach

B5 Success?

B6 Deceiver

B7 C.S.

B8 Parasites

B9 Pseudo Youth

B10 Divine Death

B11 As The Machine Rolls On

B12 Common Enemy

B13 Moral Crusade

B14 Stigmatized

B15 M.A.D.

B16 Dragnet