Deadmocracy / Hinfamy ‎– Split (LP)

R$ 40,00
R$ 40,00

Deadmocracy / Hinfamy ‎– Split (LP)

Absurd Records, BR - 2001

A1 Deadmocracy Este É Nosso Camihno !!

A2 Deadmocracy Mask Ball

A3 Deadmocracy Killers

A4 Deadmocracy As Vozes De Chicago

A5 Deadmocracy We Are The System We Hate So !!

A6 Deadmocracy Forbidden Desire

A7 Deadmocracy Anarquia - Supremo Ideal

A8 Deadmocracy Un Grito De Silêncio

A9 Deadmocracy Amanhã Virá !!

A10 Deadmocracy ... And The Free Black Man Is Still Prisoner

A11 Deadmocracy To Our Enemies...

A12 Deadmocracy Sadistic Desire

B1 Hinfamy Substandarded Existence

B2 Hinfamy Who Dares Fight ?

B3 Hinfamy Death On The Shelves

B4 Hinfamy Bone Of Contention

B5 Hinfamy No Standards

B6 Hinfamy Disfigured Hero

B7 Hinfamy Cannibalistic World

B8 Hinfamy Reduced To Dolls

B9 Hinfamy Inner Libertation

B10 Hinfamy Nazi Puppets

B11 Hinfamy Snowball

B12 Hinfamy Reflections

B13 Hinfamy Unreasonable Rules

B14 Hinfamy Perfect Cycle

B15 Hinfamy Left Behind

B16 Hinfamy Urban Effects

B17 Hinfamy Rags Symbolize Nothing

B18 Hinfamy Secondhand Idea

B19 Hinfamy Cannibalistic World

B20 Hinfamy Snowball

B21 Hinfamy Bone Of Contention

B22 Hinfamy Who Dares Fight ?

B23 Hinfamy Inner Libertation

B24 Hinfamy Nazi Puppets

B25 Hinfamy Perfect Cycle

B26 Hinfamy Unreasonable Rules